Beyond Capitalism – Business Inspired By and In Harmony With Nature

Podría existir un capitalismo donde los recursos tengan valor intrínseco en vez de dado por la sociedad? Significaría un cambio de pensar bien profundo.

The Nature of Business

Much has been explored recently about the flaws in our current economic paradigm and ways to move beyond capitalism.  For instance: conscious capitalism, capitalism 2.0, regenerative capitalism, closed-loop economics, co-operatives, social enterprises; and yet so often the underlying logic that created our plethora of problems in the first place remains unquestioned, even unwittingly applied to these new ways of operating.


Contrary to popular belief, our capitalist economic system is not the root cause of our problems.  Yes, it is unfit for purpose and life-damaging, along with our addiction to consumerism, but it is not the root. There is a deeper primary problem which is easily overlooked and seldom addressed.

Woven into our scientific-philosophy and socio-economic thinking at deep and partly unconscious levels is a corruption of the most fundamental degree.  It is a flawed logic that sets us apart from each other and Nature – an illusion of separation

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